Cyprus: HIV on the rise, LGBT community says health services lacking

A STEEP rise in HIV infections across Cyprus is an indication of the state’s failure to tackle the problem, Accept LGBT head Costas Gavrielides said on Tuesday.  

Commenting on figures released which showed 66 new HIV infections were recorded in Cyprus between January and October last year, showing an upward trend in the last two years, Gavrielides said the infection “is becoming locally self-sustained and expanding within the local community” particularly between homosexual men.

Health authorities saw 80 cases reported in 2015 versus 41 in 2010.

According to figures published by the Cyprus News Agency, the highest incidence was seen in gay men between the ages of 20 and 39. Fifty-four cases were reported in 2011, 58, in 2012, 54, in 2013, and 55 in 2014.

This is due “to the lack of targeted and comprehensive HIV programmes,” Gavrielides told the Cyprus Mail. Read more via Cyprus Mail