UK: Woman beaten as trans-exclusionary radical feminists and trans activists fight in Speakers’ corner

A 60-year-old woman attending a gathering of trans-exclusionary radical feminists was punched after a fight broke out when trans activists protested the meeting.

Maria MacLachlan says that she was punched and kicked to the floor as the two groups came head to head at Speakers’ corner on Wednesday 13, September. MacLachlan, whose beliefs fall in line with trans-exclusionary radical feminism, wrote that she “got beaten up” and that her camera was “smashed by a bunch of kids young enough to be my grandchildren”.

MacLachlan was at Speakers’ Corner waiting for the location of an event called “What is Gender?” to be announced. She said that trans activists then appeared and began protesting the event.

The event was to host talks by Dr Julia Long and Venice Allan, who have backed trans-exclusionary intellect. Protesters said that this talk failed to present debate and was just an outright trans-misogynistic event.

A clip from the fight that broke out has also been shared online, but it is difficult to determine exactly what happened. The incident has been widely discussed online and one thing is certain on both sides of the debate: violence against women should not be condoned. Read more via Pink News