US: The Beauty and Struggle of Being a New Gay Dad

David Bledin, with his husband Bart, recently launched the YouTube channel Two Men and a Baby to help those looking to start their families via surrogacy.

Sloane is 38 days old today. I know this because I mark each day with a victorious pen stroke in my journal: one more day we’ve kept our very own human Tamagotchi alive! My husband and I roll out of bed in fugue states, down double Nespressos and enter Sloane’s nursery to begin a routine that hasn’t deviated much since we brought her home from Colorado, her birthplace via surrogacy.

They call these the “longest-shortest” days: We creepily huddle by Sloane’s bassinet until she wakes up, feed Sloane, swaddle Sloane, change Sloane’s diaper, re-swaddle Sloane, stroller Sloane while walking our puggle Sofia, change Sloane’s diaper, feed Sloane, change Sloane’s diaper, forage for food… and repeat that three-hour cycle over and over again. Sloane World knows no circadian rhythms. Sloane World has swallowed the earth. Read more via NBC

We're only 15 episodes in, but truth is our journey has spanned 2.5 years of paperwork, legal filings, medical procedures, and hopes and dreams.

But we're finally at the end of one experience and the beginning of another. And it was so, so very worth it.