LGBT rights group launches Arab media campaign

A report monitoring a variety of media outlets in Arab regions found widespread perpetuation of homophobia and transphobia, but also a glimmer of hope.

The "Arab Mass Media: A Monitoring Report Looking at Sexuality and Gender Identity in Arabic Media from 2014 to 2017," published last month by OutRight Action International, discovered disparities in the coverage of LGBT people in the Arab region and the derogatory language used when describing LGBT people perpetuated homophobia and transphobia. It also reflected a "wider poor human rights culture in the region," according to OutRight's August 30 news release announcing the report.

The report is part of the Arab media project, which is a series of studies, tools, and workshops aimed at Arabic-speaking journalists in the region to build professional awareness about LGBT people. The goal is to increase positive coverage of LGBT people.

Arab media and civil society experts, headed up by Nazeeha Saeed, Arabic media coordinator at OutRight, spent three months monitoring and analyzing local and national newspapers, radio, TV, and social media in 14 countries in the Arab region. Read more via Bay Area Reporter