US: Saturn Rising: The Queer Go-Go Dancer Making Dark, Dreamy Electronic

Saturn Rising's darkest dream is to fully understand himself and be understood by others—something the Bay Area musician edged closer to by creating his debut EP, Darkest Dream. The five-track project, released this summer through Molly House Records, juxtaposes Saturn's oppressive Catholic background and liberating journey through go-go dancing in San Francisco clubs. Each track aggressively wrestles between both lived experiences, highlighting his difficult quest for love as a sexually guarded queer.  

Sonically, the breakout EP reflects this moody attitude and subject-matter, lacing existential lyrics like "I take too much time to get my life" above sludgy, tribal-trap electronica. Saturn cites dark-pop albums like Britney Spears' 2007 LP, Blackout, as ongoing inspiration, and it's heard in the way he bridges '90s R&B melodies with contrasting underground club production. He's as interested in making you dance as he is he yearning to invite you into his beautiful, twisted headspace. 

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