Harnessing human rights for the AIDS response

A special section on HIV and human rights has been published in the Health and Human Rights Journal. Eleven papers—covering issues such as HIV-related stigma and discrimination, gender inequality and the effects of the abuse and criminalization of key populations—offer critical reflections on the AIDS response and call for renewed efforts to confront legal, social and structural barriers in order to realize better health for all.

The papers leverage the experience of the HIV response and give innovative and practical approaches to expanding human rights programmes and access to treatment and for integrating human rights in work on eliminating diseases.

The special section conveys the simple message that there will be no end to AIDS without efforts to build on the rights-based lessons of the past. It also emphasizes that there is a need to find innovative ways to expand protections, promote gender equality, support civil society and community engagement, strengthen accountability and close the inclusion gap.

The special section is accessible at https://www.hhrjournal.org/volume-19-issue-2-december-2017/

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