Botswana High Court sets new date to consider decriminalising homosexuality

After a long delay, the Botswana High Court has announced that it will finally hear a case on the decriminalisation of homosexuality next year.

A full bench of the court ordered that a hearing challenging the constitutionality of sections 164(a), 164(c) and 167 of the Penal Code, which criminalise same-sex sexual activities in Botswana, be heard on 15 March, 2019.

The case, filed by a gay man identified only as LM, was originally set to have been heard in May but was postponed due to logistical reasons.

Section 164 punishes anyone who “has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature” or allows anyone else to “have carnal knowledge of him or her against the order of nature” with up to seven years in prison. Read more via Mamba