Malaysia: Don’t review fatwas on transgenders just for popularity, Islamic scholars told

BANGI, Feb 16 — A representative from Islamist think tank Malaysian Islamic Strategic Research Institute (Iksim) has reminded Muslim scholars, or ulama, against revisiting or reviewing any previously issued fatwas on transgenders.

At an anti-LGBT forum organised by Muslim students’ coalition Gamis last night, Iksim senior fellow Engku Ahmad Fadzil Engku Ali accused some in the LGBT community and supporters of trying to identify scholars who are seeking popularity by amending fatwas against the transgenders.

“I am giving a general statement that Islamic laws cannot be changed just to please certain groups of people. Religious laws cannot be changed just to cheer some people up, as this will damage the religion. This is my general advice.

“Religious authorities must remain united when it comes to Islamic laws and fatwas issued in the past in order to overcome certain groups,” he said in the forum titled “LGBT: A Chronic Cancer on the Nation”. Read more via Malaymail oNline