UK: HPV vaccine offered to men who have sex with men

Men who have sex with men are to be offered the (human papilloma virus) HPV vaccination in England. The programme for men aged 45 or younger will start from April 2018, to protect them from some cancers caused by HPV as well as genital warts.

Since 2008, girls aged 11 to 13 have been offered vaccination against HPV, which can cause cervical cancer. ScotlandWales and Northern Ireland already offer the vaccine to men who have sex with other men. The English programme followed a successful pilot that started in 42 specialist sexual health clinics in England in 2016.

There will be a phased roll-out to men attending sexual health (GUM) clinics and HIV clinics in England. The pilot was prompted by increasing evidence of the association between HPV infection and non-cervical cancers in men who have sex with men. This high risk group does not benefit from indirect protection from the vaccination programme for girls Read more via the BBC