Indonesia: Politician warns 'rampant' LGBT people are destroying Indonesia

One of Indonesia’s most powerful politicians has warned LGBT people, drugs and promiscuity are running ‘rampant’ and ‘damaging’ the country. Zulkifli Hasan, is the chair of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR). He was speaking at a Motivation Seminar in a series of Spirit Of Indonesia Roadshows aimed at inspiring young people.

Zulkifli warned the young people at the seminar that globalization and modernization were running ‘unchecked’ in Indonesia. He said issues like LGBT people, drugs and promiscuity were running ‘rampant’ and were destroying the quality of Indonesian youth.

‘The fact is very sad, we even lose who we are, because of the loss of identity and values,’ Zulkifli said in his speech.

‘Incoming foreign values are believed to be great and followed by people.Then with that comes the rush of LGBT lifestyle, liquor, promiscuity, drugs which will be unstoppable again [in Indonesia].’

Indonesia is heading into elections at all levels of government in 2019, and politicians have already started campaigning. Including Zulkifli who in January whipped the public into fear after falsely saying the parliament was going to vote on a same-sex marriage bill. But the reality was that the parliament is considering voting in favor to criminalize homosexuality. Read more via Gay Star News