New ILGA-Europe report reveals reality of funding for LGBTI activism in Europe and Central Asia

ILGA-Europe are releasing the Funding for LGBTI activism in Europe and Central Asia: priorities and access to resources report.

The stories and direct experiences of LGBTI activists working throughout Europe and Central Asia are at the very core of this new publication. 

ILGA-Europe wanted to learn more about the LGBTI movements’ priorities in the rapidly-changing political, social and cultural environment we all find ourselves in. We were particularly curious to understand more about how your work is being resourced.

The Funding for LGBTI Activism report distils the survey responses of 287 LGBTI organisations into one publication, written by Erin Howe and Somjen Frazer from Strength in Numbers for ILGA-Europe.

Put simply, this report shows where funding is needed and signposts ways for funders to fund LGBTI activists in an ever-more strategic and sustainable way.

 Why it matters:

  • This report is crafted from the experiences of LGBTI activists – your experiences. Its contents deliver a hard dose of reality about what life on the frontline of activism is really like, and it will hopefully support your applications for more flexible, responsive funding. 

  • By pointing out the areas where needs don’t match the funds available, it will be the catalyst for honest, practical conversations between LGBTI activists and funders/those with the resources to support the movement’s work. 

  • It provides evidence of the sheer ingenuity of LGBTI activists – half of the organisations surveyed had no paid staff and are making change happen on a voluntary basis, and one third of the respondents don’t get funding from governments or foundations. 


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