Decolonizing Sexuality

One topic that never fails to bring out fragile masculinity and toxic homophobes, is same-sex male intimacy, love and/or sex. It doesn’t even have to be homosexuality: the minute some people see a depiction of two men caring for each other, they start getting angry.

So, why exactly are people getting bent out of shape about two adults loving on each other? One would think that if you’re clear with your own sexuality, it wouldn’t matter to you who someone else is sleeping with, unless they’re hurting someone, right? 😉 Isn’t it a colonial state of mind to think we’re entitled to control what people do with their own bodies? Let’s decolonize this sh*t!

We recently featured a photo series by Brazilian photographer Beatriz Varella, and as always many of the comments on social media were from upset people, some saying out right how much they hate gay people, some trying to come up with other reasons to get upset, but we know they just can’t stand seeing a picture of two men being intimate Read more via AfroPunk