Bermuda: Domestic Partnership Act comes into effect

A new law to ban same-sex marriage but give gay and straight couples the ability to enter into civil unions comes into effect today.

The controversial Domestic Partnership Act 2018 becomes law as marriage-equality campaigners await a ruling from the Supreme Court on their attempt to have part of the legislation struck out on constitutional grounds.

The DPA was approved by Parliament in December, sparking criticism from human rights activists and British MPs, including Prime Minister Theresa May.

John Rankin, the Governor, gave the legislation Royal Assent on February 7.

The Act reversed a Supreme Court ruling in May last year that paved the way for gay couples to get married in Bermuda and on ships registered to the island.

There were ten same-sex marriages on the island up to the middle of February, plus four at sea on Bermuda-flagged ships. Read more via Royal Gazette