Italy: Racist Protests at Pride? Let’s Keep R-Existing!

Attending the Gay Pride – for a gay immigrant from the Middle East – is a miracle that repeats itself every 365 days! For the past ten years I have not missed the Pride at my favorite city: Bologna.

At some point I felt confounded and lost my voice. I tried to evade the situation by looking away, far beyond the crowd and thanks to the waving flags, I’ve recognized a group of people with whom I share a long history of activism, which helped me to collect myself and to resume my speech.

An immigrant who speaks of immigrants

When two members of my association, Il Grande Colibrì, invited me to be part of the Bologna Pride Committee 2018 to present the requests of the LGBTQIA migrant community, I immediately accepted. During a meeting in preparation of the event, I found out this was another important moment of the Pride: a Pride within the Pride!

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