Brazil: Judge Suspends Prohibition on Gender, Sexuality Courses

Brazilian judge Luis Roberto Barroso of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) has temporarily suspended a municipal law in the capital city of Palmas, Tocantins, which vetoed courses on gender and sexuality in municipal public schools. The ruling is provisional and will be discussed among the STF judges at a plenary session.

Roberto Barroso argued that the municipal law conflicted with the country's Law of Directives and Education Bases, “which stipulates the respect of liberty, the appreciation for tolerance and the link between education and social practices.”

The judge contended that “the more contact students have with different worldviews, the greater the universe of ideas of which they can develop a critical view, and transiting different settings will be more comfortable.”

He concluded that there is a relationship of cause and effect between the exposure of students to diverse content and the aptitude of education promoting their development. Read more via telesur