The Refugee Coalition of East Africa is raising funds to empower LGBT+ refugees

The Refugee Coalition of East Africa's SPARK Fund is a program through which LGBTQI refugee entrepreneurs in East Africa can receive funding and mentorship to launch or expand a small business idea in partnership with All Out’s Grassroots Empowerment initiative.  

The SPARK Fund will provide financial support for refugees struggling with economic insecurity within LGBTQI communities in East Africa in order to facilitate sustainable, autonomous sources of income.  

The recipient business are: a group of sandal makers, a poultry farm, a restaurant and catering company and a photography and film studio. 

(The names of the businesses are not published for safety reasons)

The LGBTQI SPARK Fund was conceived by Michael B. Clark and is a project of the  Refugee Coalition of East Africa and was delivered through a partnership with All Out.


In partnership with the All Out, we gathered business proposals from all over East Africa. Four groups of LGBTQI refugees were selected as recipients in 2018. With an injection of capital, ranging from US$1,000 - US$2,000 each, these businesses will be able to take flight - providing a sustainable and safe means of living, an escape from poverty, self-reliance, and real hope for the future.

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