Rwanda: Aspiring Rwandan writer keen to highlight issues around transgender, racism

Alain Jules Hirwa, is a 21 year-old Rwandan aspiring writer whose short story was published by the University of Baltimore’s Welter literary journal as one of only two African stories.

Hirwa has been passionate about writing since 2013, when he wrote his first short story.

In an interview with the Sunday magazine’s Edwin Ashimwe, he revealed how he got into writing and how the government can help young aspiring writers

First of all, what got you into writing?

The love of reading which I have had since my childhood fueled the zeal of writing. I should say that most people especially my high school classmates are surprised by me pursuing a writing career because I studied sciences in high school.

But I have always believed that it is better when one chases passion rather than qualification.

Tell us about the first story you wrote and what it is about?

The first story I ever wrote was in 2013 and is called “Schola” which is a story about a couple who got divorced with each parent taking custody of one child but then lived in different places.

The children didn’t know each other and would later fall in love without knowing they were siblings.

What do you envision your work to be ten years from now?

I want to address different issues in society, homosexuality, transgender, racism, among others. Therefore I envision this as literature that would actually see mostly everyone involved and interested.

Secondly I want to encourage young students who are still in school and are passionate about writing to start writing early.

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