UK: Priced out of Pride: why the Manchester event’s ticket hike is just the tip of the money-making iceberg

As brands don rainbow flags, and soften the edges of political statements, organisers are raising ticket prices, and insist Pride is a “party not a protest”.

Pride invariably comes hand-in-hand with a lot of partying, it’s true. Getting sloshed in Soho Square and dancing with drag queens outside G-A-Y Late, being served shots by a chiselled man wearing nothing but a jock-strap, and getting temporarily barred from She Bar for lip-synching ‘Man I Feel Like A Woman’ atop a table is all part of the fun. But Pride is also a protest; a time to take up space. It’s a free for all event where LGBT people and their mates can take over the streets, shout loud, express themselves and have a laugh along the way; regardless of where they come from, who they are, or how much money they’ve got in the bank.

But wait – unless they want to get into an event billed as Manchester Pride Live. A weekend pass for the “full Manchester Pride Festival experience” – with live music at Mayfield depot – will set you back a jaw-dropping £70. Oh, and unless you fancied seeing Britney Spears play at Brighton Pride last year – that one cost £37.50. And if you want to march with any kind of political banner at Pride this year, you’ll have to check that it’s not banned first. According to Sheffield Pride organisers the event is a “party not a protest”.  Read more via NME