India: Only 9 trans people from Gurugram enrolled as voters

Only nine transgender voters from Gurugram are enrolled in the ‘others’ category in the electoral list for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections scheduled for May 12.

As per the election commission of Haryana, 144 transgender voters in the state have so far been enrolled — a negligible number compared to the estimated population of transgenders in the state. As per the 2011 Census of India, the state has 8,422 transgenders and it is expected to have increased further.

Transgender activists said that many people refrain from enrolling themselves due to the stigma that they face at every level. “There is no acceptance in the society. Transgenders continue to be teased and harassed by people. When we are denied basic human rights, what is the surety that casting votes will bring any change to the situation for us? Most people continue to vote as male or female. There is little space for non-binary people in the system,” said Dhananjay Chauhan, a transwoman and general secretary of Mangalmukhi Transgender Welfare Society. Read more via Hindustan Times