Russia: Moscow LGBT Initiative Group «Stimul»

In 2015 we launched the first legal aid service for LGBT people and their loved ones in Moscow.  Now any LGBT person can get free qualified legal assistance. We accompany applicants during their visits to public authorities and represent their interests in court. We have already helped more than 800 people.

Legal assistance

This area includes a full range of legal assistance:
-consulting on a wide range of matters;
-assistance in drafting of legal documents;
- accompanying claimants to public authorities (police, prosecutor's office, investigative committee, migration services, notary);
- representation in court;
- carrying out criminal and civil proceedings at the request of facing discrimination and violation of rights on the basis of SOGI (intervening in the criminal cases as representatives of the victim, gathering evidence, etc.);
- appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and the UN treaty bodies;
- legal support of events held by partner organizations that are affecting the interests of the LGBT community.

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Вы можете поддержать работу шелтера/ You can support the work of the shelter Мы ведем работу с ЛГБТ-беженцами, которые приезжают в Россию на определенное время и ищут убежища в более безопасной стране. Мы оказываем полный комплекс правовой помощи, помощь с жильем и продуктами питания и помогаем с переездом в другую страну.