Cayman Islands: Appeal Court Blocks Same-Sex Weddings

The Court of Appeal blocks Chief Justice Anthony Smellie’s same-sex marriage ruling from taking effect, effectively stopping same-sex couple Chantelle Day and Vickie Bodden-Bush from getting married Wednesday (10 April.)

The Appeal panel, consisting of Appeal Court President Hon. Sir John Goldring and Justices of Appeal Hon. Sir Richard Field and Hon. C. Dennis Morrison, ruled in favour of the Government on Wednesday afternoon. They prevented the judgement from taken effect until Government’s appeal of the Chief Justice’s judgement is completed. That appeal will be heard in August.

This means Ms. Day and her partner cannot get married in the Cayman Islands.

On March 29 the Chief Justice had ruled in the couple’s favour. He found they were being discriminated against by not being able to marry here. He also re-wrote the definition of marriage, changing it from a union between a man and a woman to a “union between two people as one another’s spouses.” Read more via Cayman 27