US: The LGBT Mormons Pushing the Church To Accept Equality

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is approaching an LGBT crossroads.

The faith, commonly known as the Mormon church or LDS church, recently rolled back a November 2015 statement that declared same-sex marriage to be an act of apostasy and placed restrictions on children of same-sex couples who wish to be baptized. (Lest one think this constitutes a full reversal of the LDS church’s anti-LGBT positions, however, a top leader reiterated that same-sex marriage is still seen as “a serious transgression.”)

But a growing number of Mormons are becoming more progressive than their spiritual leaders on issues like same-sex marriage. No one knows that better than Nathan Kitchen, president of the Affirmation support organization for LGBT Mormons, which now serves about 6,000 people at its conferences.

When Kitchen came out as gay to his Mormon family six years ago, he told The Daily Beast, “half of my brothers and sisters were not affirming [and] it was difficult for my parents.” Now, Kitchen is engaged to be married in November—and his whole family will be there.

“If someone would have told me that five, six years ago when I came out, I would not have believed it,” said Kitchen. Read more via Daily Beast