Australia: Seminar to provide LGBTI people with information about starting a rainbow family

A seminar in Brisbane next month hosted by Rainbow Families Queensland will provide LGBTI people with information on their options for starting or expanding their families, and allow them to hear about the experiences of others.

The Making Rainbow Babies seminar welcomes solo parents as well as couples, and will cover in-depth information on topics including home insemination, surrogacy, intra-uterine insemination, gamete preservation, IVF and donor options.

Attendees will have a chance to hear from three different fertility clinics and a panel of children from rainbow families. Rainbow Families Queensland coordinator Holly Zwalf said the seminar is for any LGBTI+ person wanting to know more about starting a family.

“We’ll be covering everything from gamete preservation for trans people and surrogacy to and co-parenting agreements,” said Zwalf. Read more via Star Observer