Canada: Calgary LGBT advocates protest UCP plan they say would 'out' kids

Hundreds of people marched in southwest Calgary Thursday in support of gay-straight alliances, and to oppose a plan that they say could see LGBT kids outed without their consent.

The school groups, which are typically student-run and teacher-supervised, offer a place where LGBT youth can socialize and meet other supportive students. 

Legislation came into effect under the NDP in 2017 that protects the establishment of gay-straight alliances, or GSAs. The law also prohibits schools from telling parents when their child joins the group.

With an election scheduled for April 16, advocates are getting anxious to oppose an effort to change that legislation. 

United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney has said he intends, if elected, to give Alberta schools the discretion to inform parents of their child's participation in a GSA. That announcement has been criticized by LGBT advocates, school administrators and teachers across Alberta. Read more via CBC