New Zealand: Christ's College boys' school in Christchurch welcomes non-male student

One of New Zealand's oldest boys' schools is welcoming its first non-male student.

Staff at Christ's College – a 169-year-old Anglican boys' high school in Christchurch - have been working alongside one of their students who now identifies as gender diverse, but wants to remain at the school.

Deputy principal Rob Donaldson said the school's virtues of respect and compassion have guided them.

"We put the wellbeing of our students above all other considerations and we ask people to respect the student's privacy and choices [to remain at the school]," Donaldson said.

The school has sought guidance from Qtopia - an organisation supporting rainbow young people in Christchurch.

Post Primary Teachers' Association's rainbow taskforce convener Shawn Cooper said having transitioning students at single-sex schools may seem like a mismatch from the outside - but that's not the case.

"One of the most important things to do while students are on a journey to discover their gender identity is make sure they're in a safe and secure environment - and single-sex schools can often be the best place for them." Read more via New Zealand Herald