Cameroon: Trans people form their own advocacy network

Always considered as outcasts, transgender people are regularly victims of discrimination related to the expression of their gender identity. They are often subjected to physical or psychological violence.

The transgender community in Africa has never been tightly structured or highly visible, which means that it can be a fertile ground for empowerment.

Among community organizations in Africa and in particular in Cameroon, transgender organizations have often held back, leaving leadership and projects in the hands of gays and lesbians,

But that is changing.

The National Strategic Plan for the fight against HIV / AIDS has identified transgender people as highly vulnerable to the disease. Several recent surveys showed the trans community is strongly affected by extreme poverty and exclusion, which combine with transphobic violence and discrimination to increase its exposure to HIV / AIDS.

Against this background, RITA (the TransAfrican Independent Network) has emerged with plans for change. It is a collaborative effort of two Cameroonian trans associations, Transamical and Transigeance, among others. Read more via Rights Africa