Indonesia: Improving acceptance/usage of female condoms among sex workers

Probandari, Ari, et al. "Improving knowledge, acceptance, and utilization of female condoms among sex workers through a peer education: a mixed methods study in Surakarta Municipality, Central Java Province, Indonesia." Health Care for Women International (2019): 1-19.


Female sex workers (FSW) are high-risk for HIV infection. The authors conducted a quasi-experimental study by providing peer education on 110 FSWs, and routine HIV education on 120 controls, in Surakarta Indonesia. An additional qualitative study was performed to explain the contextual factors contributing to the effectiveness of peer education. The difference in difference approach showed that peer education improved knowledge, acceptance, and utilization of female condom. The improvements were related to the clients’ perceptions, access, and available interactive communication with the peer educator. The peer education program should be enhanced to support the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

The authors of this study highlight the improved knowledge, acceptance, and utilization of female condoms among female sex workers (FSWs) due to peer education in Surakarta municipality, Central Java, Indonesia. Hence, female condoms could be an alternative to the existing HIV and Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs) prevention among FSWs with male condoms that shows suboptimal outcomes in term of acceptability and utilization. The use of mixed-methods design provides more comprehensive findings that would be relevant to other settings with burden of HIV and STIs and barriers to the use of condom among male clients of FSWs.

In this research, we revealed the potentials of improved access to focused peer education about female condom as an alternative strategy for HIV and STIs infection prevention among FSWs. We recommend a systematic implementation of peer educator as an implementation strategy to improve and optimize the utilization and acceptance of FSWs to female condoms. Read more via Taylor & Francis Online