France: "Do not wait for new dramas": LGBT associations ask to meet Macron

They are expressly addressed to Emmanuel Macron, Edouard Philippe, Christophe Castaner, Marlene Schiappa and Nicole Belloubet. Several associations fighting against homophobia denounce in a letter published on Twitter on Wednesday, August 7, the violence against homosexuals in France and ask to meet the government in order to " think about new measures perennial, specific, worthy and exemplary " .

"  As you probably already know, not only targeted attacks have not regressed but they are intensifying into violence. We are halfway through the year and our findings are alarming. We do not stop denouncing them without reaction from you , " write the associations SOS Homophobia, Refuge, STOP Homophobia and Emergency Homophobia.

Follows a list (non-exhaustive) of names of victims of homophobic violence: "Antonio, Julia, Safir, Brice, Elian, Aurélie ..."

"Do not wait for new dramas to hear us"

The associations intend to remind the executive of the situation before finding, together, measures to put an end to homophobic violence.

"We are requesting [...] a new hearing, urgently, with the associations concerned, all represented this time."

As recalled by the authors of the letter, such a "  hearing  " has already taken place in November 2018 or, according to the associations, the discussions and measures taken since were not sufficient. And to throw, like a cry of distress:

"You can not accept France becoming the Republic of the tolerated expression of LGBTphobia.Do not wait for new dramas to hear us."

Anti-homophobia associations also mention the "  dramatic situation  " in Chechnya. Denouncing the "  inhuman exactions  " that are committed "  in the most total indifference  ", the associations ask Emmanuel Macron to discuss with Vladimir Putin, during their meeting of 19 August, the rights of LGBTI people in Russia .

« N’attendez pas de nouveaux drames » : des associations LGBT demandent à rencontrer Macron

Elles s’adressent expressément à Emmanuel Macron, Edouard Philippe, Christophe Castaner, Marlène Schiappa et Nicole Belloubet. Plusieurs associations de lutte contre l’homophobie dénoncent dans une lettre publiée sur Twitter ce mercredi 7 août les violences commises contre les homosexuels en France et demandent à rencontrer le gouvernement afin de pouvoir « réfléchir à de nouvelles mesures pérennes, spécifiques, dignes et exemplaires ».

« Comme vous le savez probablement déjà, non seulement les agressions ciblées n’ont pas régressé mais elles s’intensifient en violence. Nous sommes à mi-bilan de l’année et nos constats sont alarmants. Nous ne cessons pourtant de les dénoncer sans réaction de votre part », écrivent les associations SOS homophobie, Le Refuge, STOP Homophobie et Urgence Homophobie.

S’ensuit une liste (non-exhaustive) de prénoms de victimes de violences homophobes : « Antonio, Julia, Safir, Brice, Elian, Aurélie… » Read more via L’obs