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Where does Malaysia stand on gay rights?

One government minister criticises a feminist rally for including LGBT campaigners, another claims there are no gay people in Malaysia

Has Pakatan Harapan forgotten its pre-election pledges – or is this a cynical attempt to court the conservative Muslim vote?

Malaysia: Marina accuses Mujahid, Wan Saiful of 'misogyny' over Women's March remarks

"I'm really beginning to believe that men really believe that women’s issues are trivial, and that’s why they will find any excuse to not respond to demands to address anything that truly affects women. It’s called misogyny!”

Japan: Reporters and LGBT parties publish guidelines for reporting

"As media coverage on sexual diversity such as LGBT has increased, prejudice and discrimination are still in society, and as a result, we have often seen cases in which the parties are suffering by the press" said Yuichi Kamiya Secretary General of the LGBT Federation.


International Women’s Day has been celebrated for nearly 90 years and has become a focal point in the global movement for women’s rights. This day allows us to reflect on how far we have come in our fight for gender equality, but also on how far we have yet to go.

International Women’s Day: Women have been written out of power – time is ripe for a new language of equality

As we mark International Women’s Day after a year of renewed media attention to issues of gender inequality, it could be that there are more important threats facing women and the survival of our planet, than mere words. 

Turkey: TV station pulls the plug on show after interview defending LGBT rights

A Turkish Islamist television station said it would take a show off air following an interview with an opposition party mayoral candidate who spoke of the need to protect the country’s LGBT community, opposition news outlet Oda TV reported.