Russia: From Burning Hearts To Civil Unions: The Unlikely Evolution Of Dmitry Kiselyov

Somewhere around the 98th minute of his weekly news roundup and commentary for Russia's Rossiya television channel this week, Dmitry Kiselyov got around to saying something truly unexpected.

In his coverage of the US Supreme Court, the head of Rossia Segodnya, Russia's massive state-controlled media conglomerate, came out in favor of same-sex civil unions: "We can figure out how to make life easier for adult people who want to take upon themselves -- including in a contractual way -- the obligations to care for one another. After all, love can work miracles," he added. "Who is against that?"

To be sure, it was a tepid statement from someone who is more famous for colorful pronouncements such as his March 2014 reminder that Russia is capable of turning the United States into "radioactive dust." In April 2012, Kiselyov raised eyebrows with this declaration on homosexuals: "[Gays] should be prohibited from donating blood or sperm. And their hearts, in case they die in a car accident, should be buried or burned as unfit for extending anyone's life." Read More