Jamaica: Church group contesting anti-buggery case

Several churches and religious groups have filed an application in the Supreme Court seeking permission to oppose the claim brought by attorney-at-law and gay rights activist Maurice Tomlinson who is challenging the buggery law. The groups contend that decriminalising sodomy in Jamaica will lead to gay marriages and the promotion of homosexuality. They also say it will among other things violate their rights to campaign against homosexuality. 

Tomlinson filed a constitutional motion against the Attorney General last year after Javed Jaghai, a gay rights activist withdrew his challenge against  the buggery law because of threats.

Tomlinson is seeking to have the anti-sodomy law nullified in relation to all cases of adult consensual sex which attracts convictions and prison terms. He also claims that criminalising homosexuality amounts to a direct and blatant denial of equality before the law for him and other gay men.  Read more via Jamaican Gleaner