Indonesia: Ulemas clamp down on LGBT people, threatens caning

Ulemas in the West Aceh regency say there is no place for LGBT people in the area and are threatening to cane those committing such activities as they claim they are violating the laws of God and sharia as implemented in Indonesia's westernmost province.

The local administration, together with the ulema community, said it would eradicate the existence of the LGBT community whose activities have lately been detected in a number of beauty salons in the West Aceh regency, a member of the West Aceh Ulema Consultative Assembly (MPU) DI Nasution said.

"This time it's still a warning for the LGBT people who were netted in the previous raids. In the future, if they still refuse to change, we will cane them in accordance to Islamic law," he said as quoted by Nasution also warned the LGBT community in the area to immediately return to the sexual identity they were born with and also to respect sharia. 

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