South Africa: Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom gives keynote at the annual International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association global convention

The 33rd Annual Global Convention of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) is the first business conference of its kind to be held on the African continent. Excerpt from the keynote:

...Perhaps we are now better described as a “Kaleidoscope Nation” – where things are constantly changing and shifting, and sometimes even colliding. But the beauty is all still there. The different colours are still wondrous. The shape and form of our nation shifts continuously, but it is up to us to define the dream, and to shape it.

I have no doubt that our shared dream is of a world where you can love who you choose to love, without fear or embarrassment; where the colour of your skin does not matter; where you can worship in your way, or not worship, if that is your choice. A world where our sameness is more important than our differentness – where you can be you and I can be me and we care for each other.

We became the first country in the world to include a sexual orientation protection clause in our Constitution to ensure the rights of all people. Consequently, LGBT people took pride of place as full and equal members of our society. It filled many of us with immense pride, but it was a hard battle and there was considerable opposition to it from some quarters.  Read more via eTN Global Travel Industry News