Jamaica: Anti-Gay Discrimination Costing Ja $11b Annually, Says CAPRI

Jamaica’s oppressive anti-gay laws and discriminatory practices cost the workforce around $11 billion annually and make the minority group three times more vulnerable to mental-health illness, the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI) has said.

Singapore: Whatever your sexual orientation, you’re welcome to work in Singapore

The PM said when it comes to matters relating to LGBT and homosexuality, Singapore takes the middle ground, meaning it is not as open as places like San Francisco nor is it as strict as the Middle East

Malaysia: LGBTQ+ Malaysians Exist, Whether Their Government Accepts That or Not

Despite news reports, it’s unclear what Tourism Minister Mohammadin Ketapi actually said about LGBTQ+ people at a recent event in Berlin.

Gay sex ruling brings India's 'pink economy' out of the closet

Fancy an LGBT-friendly resort, a drag night at a top New Delhi hotel or a spa for gay men? These are only some of the businesses increasingly vying for India’s powerful “pink rupee” just months after the country decriminalized same-sex relations.