IACHR Publishes Report on Progress and Challenges toward Recognition of the Rights of LGBTI Persons in the Americas

In the Americas, violence, discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes prevent lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people from fully exercising their rights. However, significant progress has also been made towards protecting, recognizing and guaranteeing the rights of LGBTI people in a number of countries in the region.

Human Rights Watch Country Profiles: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

The following country profiles are derived in part from sections of the Human Rights Watch 2019 World Report that relate to the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

Colombia: A 25 años del asesinato de León Zuleta, Caribe Afirmativo promovió un debate entre personas LGBTI e indígenas

Twenty-five years after the murder of León Zuleta, the Caribe Afirmativo held a debate between LGBTI and indigenous people around the life experiences of indigenous LGBTI people in Bolivia and Colombia, as well as the necessary articulation of indigenous agendas and sexual diversity.

Acceptance of LGBT people and rights has increased around the world

New Global Acceptance Index ranks 141 countries on LGBT acceptance and legal protections and provides a link between inclusion and GDP per capita. 

The Mandate of the UN Independent Expert on SOGI: What has been achieved, what can we expect and how can it be useful?

What has been achieved, what can we expect and how can it be useful?

Inter-American Human Rights Court backs same-sex marriage

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has ruled that same-sex marriages should be recognised.

Inter-American Court of Human Rights orders 20 countries to recognize same-sex marriage

On Tuesday, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled that Costa Rica must recognize marriage equality, and full rights for same-sex couples, in a decision that’s binding on 20 Latin American and Caribbean countries.

ILGA-RIWI Global Attitudes Survey

The ILGA-RIWI Global Attitudes Survey on Sexual, Gender and Sex Minorities, in partnership with Viacom, Logo and SAGE is a year-on-year survey to gather and assess credible data on public attitudes to particular issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

The question of the death penalty

The resolution condemns the imposition of the death penalty as a sanction for specific forms of conduct

Bolivia: Older Adult Population With Diverse Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

From August 18th to 20th, the older adult population with diverse sexual orientation and gender identity, shared, debated and established a plan of action to improve their quality of life.