Brunei's anti-gay laws 'deeply concerning' despite stoning backtrack, says UN gender expert

United Nations Independent Expert on Protection against violence and discrimination, Chilean Víctor Madrigal-Borloz, has criticised Brunei's anti-gay laws despite an assurance from Brunei's sultan that a moratorium on capital punishment will also extend to sharia laws that include stoning to death for gay sex and adultery.

West sends Brunei into China’s arms with outrage over its anti-gay sharia laws

As oil reserves run out, Brunei looks to China to back critical development projects as it faces Western censure over sharia laws many say are only for show

At the same time, predominantly-Muslim nation is using the tough laws to shore up support from a populace facing rising unemployment

Brunei defends gay sex death penalty as more for 'prevention than to punish'

Brunei said new laws imposing the death penalty for gay sex and adultery were designed more for “prevention than to punish” in response to the United Nations’ condemnation of the measures.

Statement by Equal Rights Coalition on the situation in Brunei

The undersigned members of the Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) express profound dismay at the decision of Brunei to fully implement its revised Penal Code. 

Stoning Gay People to Death in Brunei Is an Outrage and Not My Definition of Islam

I WAS 13 years old when I first heard of the Sultan of Brunei. The absolute ruler of a tiny, oil-rich kingdom in Southeast Asia, Hassanal Bolkiah was the subject of a much-discussed TV documentary by the British filmmaker Alan Whicker in 1992. A

UNAIDS and the United Nations Population Fund urge the Government of Brunei Darussalam to repeal new discriminatory and harmful criminal law provisions

UNAIDS and UNFPA, the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency, are seriously concerned by new criminal law provisions that came into force yesterday, 3 April 2019, in Brunei Darussalam.

Defunct Shariah Law to rule over Brunei

Compassion-centred Islam / Al-Ghurbaah Foundation condemn the recent decision of the Sultan of Brunei to go ahead with the implementation of a draconian new penal code based on defunct Shariah law that does not uphold the Quranic values of mercy and compassion.

Brunei: Bachelet urges Brunei to stop entry into force of “draconian” new penal code

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Monday urged the Government of Brunei to halt the entry into force of the revised Penal Code which, if implemented in its current form, would enshrine in legislation cruel and inhuman punishments that seriously breach international human rights law – including death by stoning.