Jamaica: Bishop Gregory Appointed Archbishop Of The West Indies

The Anglican Church in the Province of the West Indies (CPWI) yesterday elected the Rt Reverend Dr Howard Gregory as its 13th archbishop, primate and metropolitan, making him the third bishop of Jamaica and the first Jamaica-born diocesan bishop to serve in the post.

IACHR Publishes Report on Progress and Challenges toward Recognition of the Rights of LGBTI Persons in the Americas

In the Americas, violence, discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes prevent lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people from fully exercising their rights. However, significant progress has also been made towards protecting, recognizing and guaranteeing the rights of LGBTI people in a number of countries in the region.

Global trans perspectives on health and wellbeing: TvT community report

Today, the Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide (TvT) project team  is launching our publication, “Global trans perspectives on health and wellbeing: TvT community report.”

Big step forward for human rights as Commonwealth officially accredits first LGBTI organisation

The Commonwealth Equality Network (TCEN) welcomes the decision by the Commonwealth to approve the Network for accreditation as a Commonwealth organisation.


Commonwealth: Toolkit for progress toward LGBT rights in 53 countries

The Commonwealth of 53 nations, formerly the British Commonwealth, can play a positive role in improving the lives of LGBT citizens even though dozens of those countries still have anti-LGBT laws inherited from their former colonial overlords.

So say the LGBT rights advocates at London-based Kaleidoscope Trust, which this week published a “toolkit” of recommendations for pushing ahead toward widespread recognition of the human rights of LGBT people, even in largely homophobic societies.

The toolkit, published in cooperation with the Royal Commonwealth Society and the Commonwealth Equality Network, gives examples of recent progress.

 “We have got to move beyond a finger-wagging approach and use the Commonwealth to offer practical support to governments wanting to make positive change to support LGBT citizens,” stated Michael Lake CBE, director of the Royal Commonwealth Society. Read more via 76Crimes

Bahamas: ‘We Must Co-Exist With Global Views On Homosexuality’

Prime Minister Perry Christie said leaders of conservative countries must consider how their nations could “co-exist in a world” where global attitudes towards social issues like homosexuality are shifting.

Mr Christie said that while governments must not seek to change the conservative ideas of its people, they must consider how to react to changing global social realities.

"How do we coexist in a world where the vice-president of the United States has said culture of countries do not trump human rights? Human rights are then elevated to the highest levels. And therefore you see the traditional norms of the world being changed and the levels of what was phobia are being rejected and are now becoming norms. Countries like the Bahamas have to look very carefully at it, not to change it, but how do you go about accepting it?”   Read More

Does the Anglo Caribbean need Bahamas Pride?

The group Society Against HIV & STDs (SASH) Bahamas, the largest NGO working on LGBTI and HIV issues, has decided to host the first public Pride event in Bahamian history. There are some obvious questions about this Pride, such as, is it really necessary? Also, what good will it serve, especially in the absence of any overt political objective? And, more troubling, will this stir up a backlash from fundamentalists who have, for the most part, ignored the Bahamian LGBTI community?

This last question is not trivial, as we have witnessed an upsurge in homophobic rhetoric and attacks across the Caribbean, and there have been massive anti-gay protests in Jamaica and Belize. Traditionally more tolerant societies, like Grenada, Trinidad, and St. Lucia, have also seen a spike in gay baiting and animus. Despite these concerns, I still believe that Bahamas Pride is a necessary development, and a very positive political initiative. Read More