Sweden: Malmö is Sweden’s ‘gay heart that pumps love’

A gay-friendly city is somewhere that’s supportive of LGBTQ people and their relationships. But what if everyone was welcome everywhere, regardless of their sexual orientation? That’s how it is in Malmö, Sweden’s ‘alternative city’ and the heart of queer life in the Öresund region.
Like many young Brits, Nathan Lloyd decided to up sticks following the Brexit referendum. Along with his partner Tom, who is a teacher, the couple wasted no time in searching for a new home elsewhere in Europe.

“We thought ‘we are going to try to be as European as possible while we still can’”, recounts the 24-year-old food blogger.

Nathan and Tom were familiar with Malmö as they had already visited friends living in the city three times previously. So when a job came up for Tom in Lund, which is just 15 minutes from Malmö by train, they took the plunge and relocated.

“We haven’t regretted our decision and have both thrown ourselves into the community here,” says Nathan, describing his fellow Malmö dwellers as “incredibly supportive”.

But the extraordinary thing about Malmö’s gay community, notes Nathan, is that it isn’t really a ‘gay community’ at all. There’s no divide or segregation, instead, the city has become a melting pot of sub-groups who all exist happily side by side.

“In general, the entire community in Malmö is very interlinked. It’s like one big family whether that’s networking or LGBTQ,” explains Nathan. Read more via the Local