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Singapore: Whatever your sexual orientation, you’re welcome to work in Singapore

The PM said when it comes to matters relating to LGBT and homosexuality, Singapore takes the middle ground, meaning it is not as open as places like San Francisco nor is it as strict as the Middle East

Singapore: Anti-377A movement holds town hall, calls for political engagement

The group behind the latest attempt to repeal Section 377A has urged the public to contact their MPs, marking the first time the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) movement has asked its supporters to engage with politicians on a large scale.

Singapore: Massive Online Support to Keep Gay Sex Criminalized Disappoints

A legislation criminalizing sex between mutually consenting adult men in Singapore has sparked renewed calls for reform after the Supreme Court of India’s decision to repeal highly controversial section from the Indian Penal Code on September 6.

Singapore: DJ has to file evidence challenging Section 377A by Nov 20

While trial dates for the constitutional challenge mounted by a disc jockey against the law which criminalises sex between two men have not been fixed, the High Court has set out a deadline for when he needs to file his evidence.

Singapore: With a house still divided over 377A, time to seek common ground

More than a decade after a bruising and fractious debate that ended in a stalemate, the powder keg that is Section 377A of the Penal Code has been reignited, following a decision by India’s Supreme Court to strike down a law criminalising sex between men.

Singapore: Calling for repeal of 377A, Action for Aids says law has negative impact on HIV prevention

Advocacy group Action for Aids (AFA) has lent its voice to the heated debate over a law here that criminalises sex between men, saying its repeal will significantly strengthen programmes to control the spread of HIV