India's first transgender judge wants to improve lot of her community

India's first transgender judge, Joyita Mondal, is keen on providing a respectful life to transgenders.

In an interview to ANI, 29-year-old Mondal not only shared her journey from just being a hijra (transgender) to a Lok Adalat judge, but also, her future plans.

Mondal was appointed the Lok Adalat judge of Islampur in North Dinajpur district of West Bengal three months ago.

She said that sometimes she thinks why other transgender people can't achieve success like her.

"When I have achieved success, then sometimes I think why only me, why can't others like me?" Mondal questioned.

She believes that if other transgenders are given opportunities, they too can also excel in different fields.

"Now, I am thinking of working in this direction," Modal told ANI, adding that the 2014 Supreme Court judgment is a boon for transgenders.

"If transgenders start getting government jobs, then their condition will become better, as due to the social discrimination, they are forced to run away from their homes and indulge in age-old hijra activities in India, like dancing in marriages or becoming sex workers," Mondal said.

She also talked about her life. Read more via New Kerala