US: Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Thinks Christians Shouldn’t Allow Gay People to Teach Their Kids

An anti-LGBTQ hate group in Illinois is calling on Christian parents to pull their children out of school if their child has a gay teacher.

Laurie Higgins, a writer and self-described cultural analyst for the Illinois Family Institute, denounced the presence of LGBTQ people in the classroom in a Wednesday op-ed posted to the organization’s website.

“Christian parents should not allow their children to be trained up by adults who don’t recognize and respect the immutability and profound meaning of sexual differentiation,” Higgins writes. “Christian parents should not allow their children to be trained up by adults who believe that inclusivity and compassion demand the affirmation of sexual perversion or confusion or the relinquishment of physical privacy.”

The writer calls out a number of LGBTQ teachers by name, claiming that these individuals use the classroom to push their agenda.

Higgins singles out a teacher (whose name will be excised from this story) at Illinois’ Deerfield High School for posting a link to an article from the U.K. website Pink News on Donald Trump’s appearance at the October Values Voter Summit. That event, a who’s-who of the country’s most homophobic figures, is sponsored by the anti-LGBTQ Family Research Institute.

“Why isn’t this the lead story on national news?” the gay teacher wrote. “[Trump] endorses this hate group and supports legalized discrimination. Horrific.”

“[The] government employee… posted his feckless, pernicious comment on his Facebook page where anyone with a Facebook account can see it, including former, current, and future students,” Higgins responded. “Presumably some of them are theologically orthodox young people.”

Higgins also criticizes the professor for teaching an essay by Tony Kushner, the Pultizer Prize-winning playwright behind Angels in America, in the classroom. Read more via INTO