India: WhatsApp abuse: Transgender tries to hang herself

Harassed and abused on a WhatsApp group, a 33-year-old transgender attempted suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling of her Vikhroli residence. Four people have been booked for abetment of suicide but no arrests have been made so far.

Roommates of the survivor, Anita Wadekar, woke up on hearing a chair being pushed and saw her hanging by the neck. They raised an alarm and managed to get her down. Cops landed within minutes of their call and rushed an unconscious Wadekar to Rajawadi Hospital in Ghatkopar. The incident took place around 5.15am on Sunday.

Wadekar is secretary of Kinnar Maa Trust, an NGO that works for transgender rights. It has 5,000 members. Her roommates who saved her life include Jigna Khatri, Reena Vikas and Priya Patil.

Salma Ji, chairperson of the trust, said some "fake transgenders" had created a WhatsApp group and added people from Kinnar Trust without seeking their permission. "They added Wadekar on October 16 and gradually six to seven more people from our trust. Some gays run the group and have been abusing our members and threatening us on it. They sent over 250 abusive voice messages. They kept harassing Wadekar who got very depressed about it," said Salma Ji. Read more via Times of India