China: 2017 Chinese Transgender Population General Survey Report

This national survey investigating the status of China’s transgender and gender-nonconforming population was officially released on November 20, the Transgender Day of Remembrance, in Beijing. Launched by Beijing LGBT Center, a Beijing based civil association, and the sociology department of Peking University, with the support of the Dutch Embassy, this survey represents the largest quantitative research on transgender people in China, with a national database of 2,060 valid questionnaires.

Aiming to raise the visibility of the trans community and to fight against discrimination, the survey reveals comprehensive figures on the difficult conditions faced by transgender men, transgender women, genderqueer people and cross-dressers, ringing an alarm for the promotion and improvement of trans rights in China.

This survey is intended to provide government departments, international groups, and non-profit and for-profit organizations with a statistical foundation for an up-to-date understanding of China’s transgender population. It further seeks to improve the visibility of social issues relevant to the Chinese transgender population; advocate for laws and policies that are specific to the needs of the transgender community; promote the rights and interests of transgender people in society; and finally, oppose discrimination against transgender people. This is the first nationwide quantitative survey of China’s transgender population. Read the report here