India: In absence of legal identity, transgenders face exclusion

GUWAHATI: The state's transgender community, which has always been especially vulnerable to discrimination, now additionally face an even graver threat — exclusion from the National Register of Citizens (NRC). With most transgenders lacking valid documents of identity, the list which will be published at midnight on December 31 threatens to push those at the fringes of society further off the grid.

Activists working with the community say most transgenders give up their legal documents and voter cards once they leave their homes.

Ashish Kumar Dey, who runs an NGO called Gharoa for the empowerment of the transgender community, said, "It is ironic that most of the transgender people who are facing exclusion from the NRC were born here. Some of them migrated from lower Assam, especially Cachar. I can vouch that the majority are from this state's soil. We had talks with officials on how we can relate their legacy in the NRC." Read more via Times of India