Transgender Rights Lead NPR's Top LGBTQ Stories of 2017

As gay, lesbian and transgender activists around the United States felt a renewed sense of urgency under a new administration, 2017 cast a definitive spotlight on transgender rights.

Earlier this year, President Trump proposed a ban of trans service members in the military, and his administration rescinded Obama-era guidelines on the rights of transgender students under Title IX. But on Friday, the administration said it decided not to appeal court rulings, paving the way for transgender people to enter the military on Jan. 1.

Sixteen states considered versions of so-called "bathroom bills," requiring individuals to use restrooms and locker rooms that align with the sex they were assigned at birth.

Around the world, LGBTQ communities were targeted by crackdowns in Chechnya, Tanzania, Indonesia and Azerbaijan.

But LGBTQ communities also scored some victories and increased visibility in the U.S. and across the globe. Australia and Germany legalized same-sex marriage, and Taiwan's high court ruled in favor of it. Kiev ushered in what organizers said was the largest pride event in Ukraine's history. Read more via NPR