US: The life of a transgender reverend in Texas

In this occasional series, OZY takes to streets and neighborhoods across the globe to ask a simple question: “How was your day?

Rev. Seth “David” Wynn
Burleson, Texas

Today my 10-year-old had a soccer match, and I had my first doctor’s appointment with a new physician. For me, that’s letting her know I’m transgender and giving her some history. That went well, so that was good.

This has been an interesting week to prepare for tomorrow’s church service because of Senate Bill 6’s hearings, known as Texas’ “Bathroom Bill.” It’s expected the bill will get through the Texas senate, but the House is where we’re not quite sure.

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas. My parents kind of fit the Clint Eastwood stereotype and the Scarlett O’Hara stereotype. In junior high we ended up moving to Cleburne. They thought a small town was better to raise kids. As it turns out, my brother’s gay and I’m transgender, and here we were in Cleburne, Texas. I was a fairly introverted person. I was in survival mode a lot as a kid. Read more via OZY and watch his interview