Nigeria: LGBT Nigerians Can Now Get Help Using A Simple Mobile Application

Nigeria imposes a 14-year prison sentence for homosexual acts involving either men or women; and 10 years for Nigerians belonging to a 'gay organization', supporting same-sex marriages, or displaying same-sex affection in public. In 12 Northern Nigerian states, the Sharia law also applies -  capital punishment for men, lashing or imprisonment for women. The message is clear, members of the LGBT community in Nigeria - people! - are endangered and need to be protected.

A Nigerian human rights NGO, The Initiative for Equal Rights, launched ‘Quickcare’ – a new mobile application aimed at helping members of the LGBT community access health services in the country. The mobile app provides access to useful basic information about STDs, safe sex tips and a comprehensive list of LGBT-friendly facilities spread across Nigeria.  Read more via Kobini