UK: New health app launched by SAGE for LGBT seniors to help ageing HIV-positive population

App developers have created a “self-care” health tool for older LGBT people.

SAGE, a British software company, says the app will help LGBT seniors stay on top of their health, as figures show that 1 in 3 HIV-positive people in Britain is aged 50 or over. The picture is more stark in the US, where 59% of all Americans living with HIV are aged 50 or over – a number expected to climb to 70% by 2020.

The ‘Health Storylines’ digital app will allow older LGBT users to create a personal “story” for their health. The app was launched on June 5th to mark HIV Long Term Survivors Day. This date marks the anniversary of when – on June 5th 1981 – the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention first publicly discussed its findings on HIV. Read more via Pink News