Malaysia: A Success For First Gay Iftar In Malaysia

Last Saturday, the Pelangi Campaign held a large 'buka puasa' event among gays and LGBT supporters in the country. According to information from some of the attendees, the iftar programme was held at the Loyar Burok office in Bangsar.

The event called ‘Remembering Orlando:Courage in the Face of Adversity’ in tribute of the Orlando nightclub shooting in June 12 last year, was spearheaded by the Secretary of the Democratic Action Party Socialist Party, Numan Afifi, who is also the founder of Pelangi Campaign.

Numan expressed his happiness over the number of people that showed up for the event, proving there are quite a number of LGBT supporters here in Malaysia, aside being proud of the event’s success.

The Iftar Gay programme also saw the attendance of activists and LGBT supporters, such as Suri Kempe, the former programme manager for Sisters In Islam as well as Dorian Wilde and Nisha Ayub from Justice For Sisters.

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