US: 12-Year-Old Lesbian Mormon Honored by the Human Rights Campaign

Remember the viral video of that 12-year-old girl, who bravely came out to her Mormon congregation, before eventually getting cut off? Well, Savannah ended up getting a much larger audience to listen to her when she was honored by the Human Rights Campaign during their 2017 Utah Gala this month. 

In the video, Savannah gave a moving speech at her church explaining how she believed her sexuality was not a mistake or sin, but merely the way she was made. She compared being created a lesbian to being created with freckles or brown hair—simply another piece of her complex being. Yet halfway through the young girl’s testimony, her microphone was turned off and a leader gave a follow-up talk about how they are all “children of God.”

The video of Savannah at church quickly spread across the Internet, and sky-rocketed the little girl into the LGBTQ spotlight. There was inevitably a mixture of emotions towards the video, but most people were proud of Savannah’s bravery, including those at HRC. Read more via Out